Thursday, January 28, 2010

Refreshed, Renewed and Encouraged

I had the opportunity to hear Leigh Bortins speak today. She is the founder and CEO of Classical Conversations. I am refreshed, renewed and encouraged. I am now positive that this path, the one that found its way to me, is the one God has chosen for us. I thought I was sure, but there were seeds of doubt, some planted by me some planted by others. I submit, Lord.
On that note, I am ready to celebrate the wonderful blessings that the Lord is ready to bestow on those of us who will follow Him. We will seek His face in every book, because it is there. We will seek His face in every subject, because it is there. I will seek His face when I am afraid and confused. We will seek to know God and to make Him known.

After the Flood, God established the Principle of the Seed and the Law of Seedtime and Harvest. "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest....shall not cease" (Genesis 8:22) When God created the first living thing, He gave it the ability to grow and multiply. How? Through the Seed. Your life began by the seed principle. Every act of your life since your birth has operated by the seed principle- springing from good seeds or bad seeds you have sown-whether or not you were consciously aware of your seed planting. The principle continues today. To overcome life's problems, reach your potential in life, see your life become fruitful, multiplied, replenished (that is, in health, finance, spiritual renewal, family, or your entire being) determine to follow God's law of seed-time and harvest. Sow the seed of His promise in the soil of your need. (Spirit Filled Life Bible)

" For let this be borne in mind, whatever ugly quality disfigures the child, he is but as a garden overgrown with weeds; the more prolific the weeds, more fertile the soil; he has within him every possibility of beauty of life and character. Get rid of the weeds and foster the flowers " (vol.2 p.87) Charlotte Mason.

With God's sufficient grace, I am donning my gardening gloves and preparing to weed so that I can foster my flowers.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Classical Conversations

We are totally excited that Leigh Bortins will be hosting a speaking engagement in our area! She will be speaking at the First Baptist Church of Pell City on Jan. 28 from 10-12. I can not wait to hear what she has to say!!