Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full Day

Week 4 day 1.

Let's see, what did we do today?

  1. Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt. God promises Sarah a Baby with narration. Big sister is getting pretty good at narration. Entered Sarah into our book of centuries.
  2. Character studies- Started "Creative" (Attentiveness week 2, Faithfulness week 3)
  3. Goldfish Subtraction file folder game (from Homeschool Share, I think)
  4. Math (Horizons 2) Lesson 13
  5. Five food groups...in a file folder, I included grocery store sale papers, scissors, glue, a copy of "My pyramid" (free from the USDA) She cut and pasted representative foods from each food group. (She enjoyed this one)
  6. Latitude and Longitude...Labeling the Oceans activity ( Enchanted learning)
  7. Draw, Write Now..her choice
  8. Language Lesson #62- Aesop's Fable- The Pitcher and the Crow- with narration, and we discussed homophones.
  9. Spelling test-
  10. Journal writing
  11. Leveled reading lesson
  12. Short and long vowel rules review
  13. Reading- Big sister is reading "The End of the Beginning"- Avi.
  14. Vocabulary: parched, dismay, displacement, moral, perseverance
  15. Nature walk through Aldridge Gardens. Fed the turtles, ducks and huge catfish. We walked the .50 mile trail around the lake. I carried baby boy in a backpack. The girls were like hummingbirds...flitting around from this to that.. chattering and talking.....I am challenged with their short attention spans , boundless energy and inability to just be quiet and listen. Perhaps we should work on that habit in the coming weeks. Oh! I almost forgot. As we were leaving for the outing I spied (and brought to the attention of the kids) a lovely Praying Mantis on the mailbox. I ran back into the house for the camera. How fun..

It has been a good day. Thank You God for he beautiful things that I was able to share with my little ones today.

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